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Eyes Wide Open Cinema is a film review website. It is the brainchild of two best friends and university buddies, who founded the site in 2012 during their last year of studying Film & TV Production at Bournemouth University.

Today, they have over 80,000 followers on Facebook, 2.6 million views on their YouTube channel (and counting), and 70 reviews on IMDb. Their films reviews range from new releases to classics from every era and genre imaginable. They also produce their own content with special series that explore British cinema through interviews with directors and actors, films by Dardenne brothers, etc.

The company’s ethos is to create ‘Honest Film Reviews’, where they try to be as objective as possible despite giving their personal opinions on each movie – hence why they are often referred.

Eyes Wide Open Cinema is a movie review website with a strong focus on short films.

Eyes Wide Open Cinema has been created to celebrate the diversity of movies and film, spotlighting the best in contemporary cinema and recording the stories behind them.

Eyes Wide Open Cinema was launched in 2015 by film critic Kirsty Lomax and co-founder JP Soriano who, between them, had decades of experience in all areas of film review publishing.

Eyes Wide Open Cinema is a film review site that makes sure to review all of the major releases every week. They write about the past, present and future as well with their insightful analysis.

The site was founded by two passionate film buffs in Brighton who had an idea to create a platform where people could share their thoughts on different films and enjoy their passion for film with other fans.

“Eyes Wide Open Cinema” is a company in Brighton, England. They grill a wide variety of films and decide whether or not to recommend them by watching them for free. Their reviews are often quite critical, which is why their website has been described as “the most hated film review site on the Internet.”

Brighton-based Eyes Wide Open Cinema reviews movies and gives out recommendations on what to watch next. Their reviews are often quite critical, which is why their website has been described as “the most hated film review site on the Internet.”

Eyes Wide Open Cinema is an independent film review website based in Brighton. It was created by a group of film buffs in 2011 and has been going strong ever since. They review films on a bi-weekly basis. It started with 20 reviews per month and now has over 600 reviews published to date. It also has 22,000 followers on Facebook and 1,200 likes on Instagram

How does Eyes Wide Open Cinema generate so much content from just reviewing one movie per fortnight? They have a WordPress plugin that extracts text from the official website for the film of choice. This tool provides them with full reviews from the official website along with text extracted from interviews conducted to promote the film. After extracting this data, it’s up to them to write their review

Eyes Wide Open Cinema is the brainchild of a group of people in Brighton.

This is a film review of the movie “Eyes Wide Open”. The review includes the basic information about the movie and its maker.

Eyes Wide Open is a British feature film that follows two teenage boys who share an intense, competitive love of graffiti. They use their skills in unconventional ways until one of them receives a death threat.

The film was directed by Jake West, who previously created a documentary about graffiti artists in London called Graffiti: The Inside Story. He also produced this feature-length documentary with his team to explore the ins and outs of art forgery, one of the most lucrative crimes in the world today.

“In some way it’s quite fascinating,” he says. “It’s very clever how people are becoming much more educated on what they’re buying from what.

The Brighton based film review website, Eyes Wide Open Cinema, is the premier destination for cult film reviews and has been operating for more than 17 years.

With a team of film experts who have been reviewing films since 1995, EWOC offers in-depth analysis and fascinating insight into the best cult films of all time.

Eyes Wide Open Cinema was created by the name sake David Craddock back in 1995 when he was studying at university. He had recently acquired a grainy copy of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” which had been released on DVD and decided to show it to his friends at a local cinema. The resulting reaction turned into an idea for an online review site. As the site grew in popularity so did the demand for screenings and events across Brighton and beyond.

Eyes Wide Open Cinema is the most well-known independent film review blog in the UK.

Eyes Wide Open Cinema is a Brighton-based online film review blog that specializes in reviewing films made outside of Hollywood. Since it’s inception, Eyes Wide Open has reviewed over 2,000 films as well as created articles on film history and an archive of nearly 12,000 movie reviews.

The website describes itself as “a place to enjoy films where mainstream cinema fears to tread.”

Eyes Wide Open is one of the few blogs that offers thoughtful criticism of films made outside the mainstream – a particularly important site for those who want their movies to be seen by more people.